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Dan Savage takes America to task over gay rights, female equality, slavery, etc. [VIDEO]

“America is always last. Always first to compliment ourselves. Always last with the freedom and the bravery.”


Entire Jon Stewart Segment on The O’Reilly Factor UNEDITED [VIDEO]

This is a bit long, but it’s absolutely amazing.

Jon Stewart destroys O’Reilly and FOX NEWS. I apologize for the advertisement, and O’Reilly, but if it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t have this available.

O’Reilly really embarrasses himself here, on several occasions, but doesn’t seem to realize it at all (or maybe he just doesn’t care because he assumes no one will ever see the unedited version).

what do you think?

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[AUDIO] Shamanism, Reality, & Ayahuasca Explained by Graham Hancock

I highly recommend listening to all 12 parts of this as a youtube playlist, but here are some highlights:

Part 1:

Part 10:

From Wikipedia:
Born in Edinburgh, Hancock’s formative years were spent in India, where his father worked as a surgeon. Having returned to the UK, he graduated from Durham University in 1973, receiving a First Class Honours degree in Sociology.
As a journalist, Hancock worked for many British papers, such as The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, and The Guardian. He was co-editor of New Internationalist magazine from 1976-1979 and East Africa correspondent of The Economist from 1981-1983.

Check out the reviews for his latest book on amazon

His Other Books:
Hancock, Graham (1985). Ethiopia: The Challenge of Hunger. London: V. Gollancz. ISBN 057503680X.
Hancock, Graham; Enver Carim (1986). AIDS: The Deadly Epidemic. London: V. Gollancz. ISBN 0575038373.
Hancock, Graham (1989). Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige, and Corruption of the International Aid Business. Boston: Atlantic Monthly Press. ISBN 0871132532.
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Hancock, Graham (1995). Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization. New York: Crown Publishers. ISBN 0517593483.
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Hancock, Graham (1998). The Mars Mystery: A Tale of the End of Two Worlds. London: Michael Joseph. ISBN 0718143140.
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I’ve decided something

I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s really not enough entertaining content (to me, anyway) in the realm of “politics” alone for me to keep up a strong pace here, and as the name of this blog indicates, what I’m concerned about is America, not beaurocracy.

I’m realizing that one of the main problems with politics is that it is entrenched in religion. Despite the claim of full separation, your church affects your chances of being elected head of state.

It didn’t always used to be that way. Abraham Lincoln didn’t go to church.

I think I must bring in what I believe to be the essential hidden truths of human spirituality. I understand the ideas I am going to post may seem ridiculous or scary at first, but they are not my ideas. They belong to many intelligent scholars. I just think, like Christians, that if you open your heart to the truth, you will be set free. Only, the truths I present will be very realistic and open to rational debate (read: very scary to some).

Some of these truths have been reported and confirmed for decades, but have remained hidden due to being condemned by the church (read: crushed by a powerful institution), or baselessly rejected (read: cowardly slandered by career-minded academics and public figures).

It’s weird to me that there are still such important truths out there that remain oppressed and hidden due to taboo, even with the internet! So I will take it upon myself to join those who have been bravely trying to shake off the shroud of fear, and bring about a new day of honest reflection.

I hope you like it.