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KONY 2012: Shine a light on the invisible children

This might make you cry – and then take a stand.


Terence McKenna on American Freedom


Steve Hughes is the modern day Bill Hicks [VIDEO]

And he comes from Australia.

From last year:

Portugal decriminalizes drugs. Crime & usage fall. – BBC [VIDEO]

Treating addicts with care rather than punishment works yet again. Are we ready to consider compassionate alternatives yet?

“It’s not a war on drugs; It’s a war on personal freedoms. Let’s keep that in mind at all times.” – Bill Hicks

Dan Savage takes America to task over gay rights, female equality, slavery, etc. [VIDEO]

“America is always last. Always first to compliment ourselves. Always last with the freedom and the bravery.”

Lawrence Lessig Speaks: The Coffee Party USA @ HLS

Lawrence Lessig takes an amazing little jaunt into the world of campaign finance, lobbying, and political extremism.

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