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A guide to US drug policy [CHART]

A guide to US drug policy [CHART]


Lawrence Lessig Speaks: The Coffee Party USA @ HLS

Lawrence Lessig takes an amazing little jaunt into the world of campaign finance, lobbying, and political extremism.

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Amazing Interview with Congressman Dennis Kucinich [VIDEO]

dennis kucinich explains the weaknesses in our current democracy.

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I think this pretty much sums it up.

Congratulations, Barack.

Do us proud. We’ll be watching.


MC Yogi: Obama ’08 Video

The (all but failed) McCain campaign takes another blow with this surprisingly well-made video made by independent hip hop artist MC Yogi.

Let’s hope he’s right.

Palin fails at interview. Tate responds.


Sarah Palin explains that Alaska is part of this country and that she has read every magazine and newspaper ever. Terry Tate responds.

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