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Number of incarcerated Americans from 1920 – today. – Imgur

I’ll just leave this graph here. – Imgur.


TSA ‘Demonstration’ Of Gropings Backfires In Congress | Techdirt

TSA ‘Demonstration’ Of Gropings Backfires In Congress

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Apparently the TSA went to Capitol Hill this week to “demonstrate” the new groping pat downs to prove to folks in Congress that they’re really not so bad. The only problem? Those watching the gropings seemed to get exactly the opposite sense:

He said that several House staffers were uncomfortable and averted their eyes when the TSA demonstrated an enhanced pat-down in the room of 200 people.

“The dumbest part: they did two pat-down demonstrations — male on male, and female on female,” the House staffer said. And they used a young female TSA volunteer “and in front of a room of 200 people, they touched her breasts and her buttocks. People were averting their eyes. The TSA was trying to demonstrate ‘this is not so bad,’ but it made people so uncomfortable to watch, that people were averting their eyes.”

“They shot themselves in the foot,” the staffer continued.

Now, will those in Congress actually do anything about all this? It’s really amazing how frequently the TSA and its supporters insist that the gropings “aren’t so bad.” It really suggests a huge disconnect between what they’re doing and what people consider “bad” to be.

Motor Trend Magazine Disembowels Rush Limbaugh | The Atlantic Wire

A reminder that political shills are not speaking from knowledge or intelligence.

Things we do to innocent people to prevent terrorism

Things we do to innocent people to prevent terrorism

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Here’s a non-comprehensive list of things innocent people have suffered in order to prevent terrorist attacks on America:

Seems odd to me that some people are so much more offended by a couple of items on this list than they are by all the rest.

Is it worth it?